Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Blimey I hadn't realised it's been so long since I last posted... September... well a few things have happened, we've had a mega harsh winter, we've been gradually chopping the rampant hornbeams, we bought ourselves a greenhouse, and - dan dan daaaaan - we've got an allotment!!!!!

It's in a lovely wee village nearby, about an 8 minute drive away, and is in a very rural setting, has been well tended, so we can basically start sowing whenever we like! We have really fallen on our feet with it, it's a lovely piece of land, and the villagers that we've spoken to seem friendly and welcoming. Ace. Ours is the thimble shaped piece of land in the middle of the pic, it's bigger than it looks!

The lass from the council has been along today with a surveyor to mark out our actual plot, so the growing area is likely to increase, as she said it has been underutilised in the past. Our plot actually goes right up towards the hedge at the top of the picture. Excellent.

Oh I said I would comment on the shredder - it works fine, and munches up the branches well. I haven't used a different one so have nothing to compare it to, but it seems it was a good buy. It ate a load of branches, but I need to make sure that the lengths we put into it are shorter as it kept getting stuck in the collecting tub underneath. Still, bargain.

In readiness for the lotty we've popped a small greenhouse at the bottom of our garden - well I say popped - struggled with it for a fortnight more like, pesky thing. Still, it was only cheap, and will be more than adequate, so onwards and upwards.

This weekend I put some potatoes to chit, popped shallots into small pots, and sowed some seeds - beets, turnips, kohl rabi, french beans and broad beans. All are safely nestled in the old and new greenhouses.

Excited about our lotty!!!

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