Hints & Tips

Chitting Seeds

Take a sealable plastic tub (like takeaway tubs) and place some kitchen roll in the bottom, dampen it, place your seeds on there (bigger seeds are better, courgettes, beans, sweetcorn, etc) and seal tightly. Place your little parcel in a warm place (I use the airing cupboard) for a few days - after about 4 or 5 days you should have lovely chitted seeds with roots sprouting. Simply carefully remove them from the kitchen roll and sow them in compost, and after a few days the seeds should be showing signs of life above the surface.

Soft Bricks

Sand filled milk cartons make excellent soft 'bricks' for holding down netting and the like in the garden or lotty, they are soft and rounded, and they have a built in handle.

Keeping Butterflies off yer Braaassicas

The only two ways we have found that work are:-
1) Don't grow braaassicas; or
2) Use Debris Netting rather than the more open weave netting usually found in garden centres, the little so and so's can still get through that. We got a big roll of debris netting from the bay of evil at a reasonable price. And make sure its well tethered down at the edges, if there is a gap, they'll find it.

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