Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lazy Wolfies

Well we had a fortnight off work and didn't do a tap.

We went to the lotty a couple of times, to do some scant weeding and crop some veg, but other than that, not a lot. We cleared the pea bed in the back garden, and cut excess leaves off the tomato plants, but that is it.

We have a lot of catching up to do before the season is over. Hubby is working at the weekend so I will get stuck in - on my own though, as our lad is back at Uni now. I will need to do as much as I can at the weekends, now the evenings are drawing in, to make sure we still get the best out of the plot. It looks somewhat untidy at the moment, it needs strimming at the edges, and the weeds pulling up, and the squashes taming. Hopefully the remaining sweeetcorn will still be edible, so I'll crop what I can and put the rest in the compost bins - except for the weeds of course. The rhubarb is fading, and the pumpkins need to come home to dry off and be eaten. The cauli is pretty much finished, there are a couple of plants left but they have bolted, so will need removing. The swedes will carry on growing for a while yet, as will the cabbages and the leeks. I will try and clear what I can and make it look a bit tidier.

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