Friday, 25 July 2014

Sick n Ivy

Had a few days of illness so not much has been done either in the garden or on the lotty. One thing we did manage to do was to swap over a couple of the brassica frames, as the red cabbages were pushing against the net of the lower cover - swapped the swede and red cabbage covers over, as the swedes are a lot shorter than the cabbages at the moment. We do have some impressive looking pumpkins growing, one in particular is about the size and colour of a yellow melon! There are other fruits growing on the plants, we just hope they all come to fruition. The other squash plants are growing very well as well, we've been really impressed as we've not grown squashes before. 

Before my cold kicked in we managed to get a whole heap of ivy down from the back fence, and our son cleared all the invading ivy from the greenhouse. Our brown bin is full, and collection is over a week away! There is still a lots left to clear, but it is all on the outside of the fence now, in the car park behind and not our garden. We haven't seen the inside of the fence so clear for years. We will remove the rest of the ivy and take it directly to the tip, this was made easier with a builders bag we received from a fellow "Freecycler". The sooner we get this sorted the happier we will be! As will the people who use the car park no doubt!

We intend to do some major rearranging in the back garden over the autumn/winter. The ornamental pear will be reduced in height, to give us some more light in the garden. Cuttings will be taken from the redcurrant this autumn, which will then be relocated somewhere else, maybe even to the front garden. We will cut back the fruit trees, letting us see where the beds and structures can go.

Other than that, it's just been a case of weed and water and maintain.

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