Friday, 8 August 2014

Notes to self (for next year)

We've been  thinking about what we have done this year and what needs to be changed because they didn't quite work and what worked well and will stay the same for next year's growing season. We stopped at 20 things otherwise the list could be as big as the Lotty ;)

1)  don't do so many tomato plants
2)  don't do so many courgette plants
3)  chitting seeds is a Good Thing
4)  get some quality seed compost for seedlings instead of using questionable multi purpose
5)  don't do so many runner beans, or stagger the sowing - 4 plants is plenty for us
6)  refresh the beds at home
7)  one pumpkin plant is sufficient
8)  peas need support
9)  label all seedlings!
10) don't do so many braaasicas
11) sweetcorn is good, 12 plants is plenty
12) tidy the raspberries sooner
13) give plants more space
14) cut garden hedge sooner and more often
15) protect beds from cats earlier and more robustly
16) keep an eye on the plot over winter and don't allow weeds to thrive
17) get stuck into the plot before the 28 day letter arrives! Act, not react.
18) Mr Nunn's Quality Quarter Horse Apples are a Good Thing - the cow poo was fab but there is no more, so the horse apples are the next best thing - clean, no chemicals, excellent.
19) put weed suppressant fabric below the bean poles
20) enjoy the growing and planting as always!!!

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