Thursday, 24 June 2010

Baby Crops!

Been busy trying to clear the hornbeams from around the second pear tree, with a fair amount of success, hard work mind, and still lots to do, but so far so good.

Did the cutting back a couple of days ago, and tonight I noticed the pear is flowering... it muct like having a bit of air around its branches.

I know it is far too late for it to produce any fruit, so if it tries I'll remove them, but it is encouraging that it is healthy and happy enough to flower.

Strawbs are beginning to change colour, not sure if the pic is very clear, but it is an exciting time.

Harvested the redcurrants tonight, still not a large crop, so it was washed and frozen, and will be added to last year's frozen crop, and will make a pud out of it sometime. Looked lovely on the plant, eh?

Finally, earlier this evening our son was sitting looking at the tomato plants in the taller frame (budding gardener), and he found that they had finally started to produce, hurrah! For the longest time we'd only had 2 wee toms but lots of flowers, and now all of a sudden there are plenty of baby toms! Whoo Hoo!!!

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