Sunday, 27 June 2010

Yum Yum

We have eaten some radishes, they were delicious, light and peppery and crunchy, mmmmmmm. I forgot to take any pictures of them, silly girly! We also had some basil, chopped and mixed with some bought tomatoes, and dressed with salt pepper and olive oil, bloomin lovely. And some mixed herbs, roughly chopped and mixed with some lettuce and cucumber, bought (ours aren't ready yet) and it was a very tasty salad on a super hot afternoon.

I sowed some more mixed salad leaves on Wednesday in the mini propagator, and they have germinated already! Super fast.

We've been looking at greenhouses and poly tunnels, trying to decide what to do. A greenhouse would be at least 300 quid for the size we want, (6x6 or 6x8) a polytunnel is a lot less but a lot more flimsy, and a larger version of the Wilkinson's walk in plastic greenhouse would be £40, if we can find one, we think they may be out of season now. Also, a greenhouse would mean a lot of prep as the area we'd like to use is very uneven, but a greenhouse would give us a much longer growing season, and would be great for the more tender plants. We can manage pretty well with the set up we've got so far, but for the future I think we'll need a growing place. Especially as we're unlikely to get a lotty in the foreseeable future.

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