Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lots of growth

Here are our Help For Heroes petunias, haven't they grown well? We are delighted with them, they look super.

Two of our cucumber plants in the mini greenhouse, we have 4 altogether, and they are growing well, but it looks like we'll have to stake them, as they are sending out tendrils and fastening themselves to the shelf above... we've never grown cucumbers before so we don't know! This is a steep learning curve we're on, but it's fun!

Also in the mini greenhouse are the peppers and chilli's, and the chillis have some flower buds, whoo hoo!

We now have a lot of small green tomatoes in both tomato houses, and found this little beauty, starting to change to red, so bloomin exciting!!!!!

The courgettes are going well, and are all starting to produce flowers, and some baby courgettes are developing, excellent.

This final shot shows how well the beets and radishes are growing, and the garlic is still thriving, not bad for a supermarket generic 'try it and see' variety! Fab.

We have been added to our local council's allotment waiting list as well as our local parish, we reckon we'll still be in for a long wait tho mind, at least a year, possibly longer, but at least we're on the lists now. Just have to wait and see, and keep working on the garden in the meantime. At least we do have a garden, thankfully.

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