Saturday, 10 July 2010

Steady progress

Looksee, gorgeous courgettes, growing and ready to eat for tea :-) The start of many, we'll crop the one in the pic above later on tonight.

And these gorgeous beauties are just some of our runner bean flowers, we've got loads, so we should get a decent crop in a few weeks. Yummy.

The chillis are flowering, the buds are pretty, but look at the stunning white fully open flower below, isn't it delicate?

Here is one of our cucumber plants, I staked them because they were wrapping around the greenhouse shelves, and they have taken to the stakes well. No idea how big these plants will grow, so we may have to rearrange them to accommodate them properly. I think they are beginning to develop buds, it's too early to tell but it sure looks like buds to me.

The two tumbler tomato hanging baskets are looking great, and both are flowering, so fingers crossed for lots of lovely wee toms before too long. The other tomato plants are dripping with green toms, I did take a pic but it was very washed out looking so I've not posted it. We have eaten the first two that were red, two early toms, and they were delicious :-)

And we will eat these two beauties with tea tonight :-) The rest of the beets are not quite big enough yet, so these two were the first. How fab do they look?

Today we cleared the rest of the radishes, they had gone beyond their best, so the leaves have all gone into the compost bin, and with the trough and pots left over son fed the remaining compost, added more compost, and sowed some carrots in the trough and pak choi in the pots.

For a couple of days now we've had blackbirds shouting in the trees, and earlier on today was the sound of a blackbird fight. When I popped out to check on the courgettes later on, sitting on the bags of topsoil was a baby blackbird, looking all dishevelled and vulnerable, so I left it alone. When we popped our heads round later on it had gone, so mum must have come and fetched it. We can but hope. No sign of a dead body, so hopefully the cats didn't find it.

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