Monday, 31 May 2010

More plants!

Went a bit mad today. We went to B&Q to have a look at the herbs for the small planter, and to see if they had any strawberry plants as we've still got space in the strawb pot, and came away with oregano, chives, sage and parsley, and 4 strips of wee veggies as well... we could only find one solitary strawberry plant in the place so we nabbed it tee hee!

Planted up the little herb planter, and scattered lots of glass pebbles on the surface of the soil to try and discourage our furry friends from using it as a litter tray. Fingers crossed. At the back of the bed are some left over onion plants, that we didn't have space for in the second raised bed... but I'm getting ahead of myself here. You may notice there is room for another plant at the bottom right of the planter, this is because a friend has promised me some thyme, and I've promised her some whitebells (in a tub ready to go.)

The veggie plants we bought were leeks, onions (just regular white onions), beets and runner beans. We planted the wee beets and onions in the second raised bed (beets on the left, onions on the right) and the beans in a large flowerpot, and popped canes in ready. There were considerably more beets than we expected, so those that didn't fit in the raised bed went in between the beans... no idea if it'll work, but we can eat em small if we want to. Like I've said in earlier posts, this garden is an experiment, we are trying things out, and if they work then great, but if not, then we'll learn from the experience.

We have yet to plant up the leeks, we need another container... so they are safely in the greenhouse for now, won't do them any harm to stay in their strip thingy for a little while longer.

Flowers not Veggies
Shock horror I planted some flowers! There is a little area under the front window that always looks scrappy, so good old B&Q did the trick again, I got us some Help For Heroes petunias, and I have probably overcrowded them, but again, to try and keep the cats off, I added some stones between the plants. Small but lovely, will take some more pics when they start looking a bit fuller.

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