Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Radishes Galore!

Our Radish seeds have germinated already! I only sowed them on Saturday, it's now Tuesday, Rock'n'Roll you little seedlings! Amazing, must be the warm weather we've enjoyed lately. These are not 'posh' seeds or anything fancy, just ones from a multi pack from jolly old Poundland. The proof will be in the eating, which at this rate may be some time next week hahaha :-D

Tonight I moved the basil seedlings out of the propagator and onto the main shelf in the greenhouse, so they get a little more light. I reckon they are still too small to pot on just yet. Haven't watered, as the pots and containers are all still a little damp, the temperatures were a lot cooler today than yesterday.

Next job will be to pot the courgettes into individual pots, but I'm waiting until their first proper leaves are out, they have their seed leaves and small first proper's as yet.

We've still got a lot of clearing to do in the garden, the hornbeams mainly, but we can't do anything until the first load of cuttings has been burned - and as we are in a housing estate, we need a dull/rainy/breezy day, to make sure the neighbours don't have windows open - we aren't anti-social gardeners!

A least the weather is a little cooler at the moment, I can't help but worry about our little seedlings if the temperature drops too low. I think I'm obsessed.....

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