Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mrs Wolfie here, my turn now. Here is a list of our attempted vegetable plants for this, our first proper growing season. I've also mentioned about the prep we've done/are doing.

We have : spinach, onions, salad leaves, cabbages and 3 tomato plants, all bought as baby plants to get us started. We also have courgettes (100 percent germination, woo!) basil seedlings, tumbler tomato seedlings. I have sown french beans, baby carrots, beetroot, cucumber, radish, and spring onions, yet to germinate but they were only sown within the past few days.

And we now have strawberry plants in a lovely strawberry planter, and a couple of peppers, a couple of chillis and a pair of a.n.other variety tomato plants, the last 6 via our local Freecycle. Sweet!

In our tiny garden we already have a thriving apple tree, a couple of pear trees, and during the clearing of the rampant hornbeams we rediscovered a redcurrant plant, that has some fruit on it... shows the power of nature and its tenacity for thriving.

We have spent some time clearing our neglected garden, and I am really proud of the work we have done so far. We still have a way to go yet, the aforementioned hornbeams, originally planted as a hedge but now tall trees, need to be drastically cut back to allow light back into the garden, and we can only do it a tree at a time, as we need to burn the cut branches as we go along.

Pics to follow......

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